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Blackhawk Adapters and Pin Converters

Blackhawk provides various emulation adapters and pin converters to fit Texas Instruments JTAG target connections and lab conditions. Whether you need protection in a harsh envinronment, or simple conveter from your emulator to your target board, we probably have it.

If you do not see the adapter or pin converter you need below, please contact us.

Isolation Adapter

For harsh environments and motor control applications where debug tools may be exposed to high voltage or ground loop potentials, Blackhawk offers two product models of galvanic isolation.

View the Isolation Adapter Features and Specifications

Pin Converters

Blackhawk provides several different emulation pin converters to fit Texas Instruments standard JTAG target headers. This includes 14-pin TI, 20-pin cTi & ARM, 10-pin ARM, 60-pin XDS560 Trace and System Trace. All pin converters are available from the our Online Store or an authorized Blackhawk reseller.

For a complete list of available pin converters, click the link below.

View the List of Pin Converters

Adaptive Clocking (TCK) Adapter

Blackhawk has extensive experience in emulation design and can help you with any emulation requirement. We can taylor a solution based on cost, form factor, host interface and performance to meet your needs.

We have provided various XDS510, XDS560 and XDS560v2 solutions for Texas Instruments as well as TI design house partners. You may have seen some of these emulation solutions offered on TI telecom infrastructure boards such as the C6457/TCI648x Tomahawk or C66x KeyStone boards.

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