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Code Composer Studio v3.3 - Special Update

The following page outlines a special update for Code Composer Studio v3.3 and Blackhawk XDS560v2/XDS200 Emulators. If you have any questions or concerns about using this special update please contact Blackhawk support. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.


This update has limited support for XDS50v2 and XDS200 emulators and is being provided AS-IS.

Blackhawk recomends that users who require Code Composer Studio v3.3 build their application code with v3.3, but debug the with Code Composer Studio v4.2 or later for XDS560v2-class emulators and Code Composer Studio v5.3 or later for XDS200-class emulators.


Installing this update requires that you have Code Composer Studio v3.3 installed with Service Release 12 (SR12) applied. This update will not install if you do not have SR12 installed.


This update does not include additional support for devices or debug features that are not supported by Code Composer Studio v3.3. Before downloading and installing this update, please read the information below related to the emulator you are using.

  • XDS200-class
    This update is only compatible with Blackhawk XDS200-class emulators and only supports basic F28x devices. Newer C2000 multi-core devices, those with ARM cores, and those that are ICEPick based are not supported. Other non-F28x device families supported by CCS v3.3 are not supported by this update.
  • XDS560v2-class
    This update is only compatible with Blackhawk USB560v2 and XDS560v2 models. The system trace capability of XDS560v2-class emulators is not supported. Certain devices supported by CCS v3.3 are not supported in this update, such as C24x.


Version Platform Description Link
Downloading and installing this Blackhawk CCS v3.3 Special Update confirms acceptance of requirements and limitations. Windows Texas Instruments Service Release 12 for Code Composer Studio v3.3
3.3.400.5 Windows Blackhawk Code Composer Studio v3.3 Special Update
This update will not install unless it detects that SR12 has been applied.


Download and run the update. The installer will check for a valid CCS v3.3 installation before proceeding. Once completed, you will be able to run CCSetup and add configurations for Blackhawk XDS560v2 and XDS200 emulators.

To uninstall this update, use the Windows Add/Remove feature. This will return your CCS v3.3 installation to its original configuration prior to applying this special update. After uninstalling, it may be necessary to re-install the latest Blackhawk CCS v3.3 update if you plan to use other Blackhawk emulators. You can find those installers here.