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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Questions:

When I run the BHEthcfg.exe utility, I receive the following Message: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
CCStudio v3.3 SR2 update was applied and now CCStudio crashes when I start it even though I applied the Blackhawk SR2 update. Why?
How do I register with your site to download new drivers?
Do Blackhawk emulators provide flash programming utility for TMS320F240 and TMS320F2812?
USB560-BP and CCS v3.1 - I installed the TI XDS560 USCIF v35.23.6.0 patch and Blackhawk drivers but I get CCSetup errors.
TI CCS v3.1 and C672x issue with USB560, LAN560 and PCI560 emulators - CCS hangs on connect
CCS v3.2 - I updated to CCS v3.2.39.5 and can no longer connect to my C64x+ or DaVinci target. I get "error initializing emulator" when I run CCStudio.
CCS (v3.0 and v3.1 or later) and Blackhawk XDS560-class emulators: Can't load DSP device driver "...\drivers\"
I am often having problems with the jtag connection, and the error message is reported below: /Error connecting to the target: Error 0x80000200/-1060 Fatal Error during: OCS, An unknown error prevented the emulator from accessing the processor in a timely fashion. It is recommended to RESET EMULATOR. This will disconnect each target from the emulator. The targets should then be power cycled or hard reset followed by an emureset and reconnect to each target.
Every so often, my previously working USB560m emulator is not recognized by Windows and I get an error from CCS that there is no emulator installed.

General Technical FAQ:

Which TI DSP's do your emulators support?
I have just installed the USB emulator and the associated software but CCS reports that it can't connect to the target. What is the problem?
I have just upgraded Code Composer Studio to version 3. Do I need to update my Blackhawk Emulation Drivers?
We have just purchased USB510 JTag Emulator and we have installed the driver and Code Composer C3x v4.10. We are using TMS320VC33 DSP. However, we have the following message once we connect the emulator to the target: Can't Initialize Target DSP Error number -1106 Error address 0 I/O Port = 240
Are Blackhawk emulators compatible with USB1.1 (12Mbps) and USB 2.0 (480 Mbps)?
Which Blackhawk emulators support the Texas Instruments TMS320F240 and F2812?
Do Blackhawk emulators support USB interface on a host PC without an adapter card installed?
Do Blackhawk emulators support +3.3V and +5V JTAG interface (14 Pin)?
Are Blackhawk emulators compatible with Texas Instrument’s Code Composer Studio.
Which Blackhawk emulators are XDS510-class and XDS560-class?
Which Blackhawk emulators support RTDX and HS-RTDX?
What do you mean by “operates in XDS510-mode”?
What driver (DVR) files do I use for Blackhawk emulators?
What Blackhawk emulators support the VC33 device?
Do you support programming of the C24x and C28x on-chip flash?
Do your high-speed USB 2.0 emulators support USB 1.1?
Where can I purchase your emulators?
What versions of Code Composer & Code Composer Studio do you support?
Do you support OMAP, including TMS470?
I can’t connect to the 5509 EVM with the emulator.
Do the driver downloads on your web page for CCS 2.2 support the XDS510 USB emulator as well as your XDS560 version?
What is the difference between the USB 2.0 JTAG Emulator and the USB560 JTAG Emulator? In other words, what could we do with the USB560 that we could not do with the USB 2.0?
Will Blackhawk emulators work with CCS2.20 Eval version?
What are the differences between the XDS560 PCI from TI and your USB560?
Is the USB 2.0 emulator comparable with the XDS510-class emulators from TI or are there differences?
Would there be any difference in speed for the USB560 and the USB 2.0?
Does your USB2.0 emulator support C6416 with Rev 1.1 cpu core?
I have a problem with connecting the USB-JTAG Emulator to a TMX320C5510GGW21.
There is a driver named available. But now we want use the TMS320C6205 DSP. Where can I get the driver for the Code Composer for the 6205? (
I am using OMAP Code Composer v2.2 with the USB560 JTAG emulator. I am having a problem with the download. The ARM download is O.K, but the 5409 download is not O.K. (DM270) Am I doing something wrong?
Do the USB2.0 JTAG/USB560 support the TI's DM642?
I have just installed one of your USB560 emulators. The install seemed to go correctly. However, when I try to start up Code Composer (version 2.2.21), I get a set of messages that it can not generate the PLL clock to reliable talk to scan chain. I have tried auto, legacy, and several user defined setting with the same general results. I remember from our XDS 510, there was something unusual about the JTAG clock with the OMAP. What do I need to change to get this to work?
I have both a USB560 and a USB 2.0. I am loading a 700k program file. I am wondering why the USB 2.0 takes much longer to load the program.
We would like to download a out file, "Bootloader", into the internal flash of the TI 2406 processor. With the older (not USB) hardware, we were able to use some DOS tools from TI to download the program into the internal flash. Is this available with the new USB JTAG emulator?
When I start the CCS, a message box appears twice, saying "Blackhawk USB Emulation Driver - Communication error, check cabling and DSP target power. Unexpected block size received (expected size: 12, received: 1)".
We would like to access the USB 2.0 JTAG Emulator from remote computers. Is it possible to access only the emulator (remote) and run CCS on your local computer?
What is the Blackhawk Remote Emulation Software?
We recently purchased a Blackhawk USB 2.0 JTAG emulator and have multiple users interfacing with one emulator via the Blackhawk Server app. It seems that all users can see the emulator when they first launch Code Composer Studio (i.e., it doesn't lock anyone out). What are the chances of there being any collisions between users? Are there any precautions we need to take when multiple users are using the emulator at the same time?
Blackhawk USB2.0 JTAG support DM642?
Does USB560 support CCS 2.2 with OMAP or DM270 processors?
I use the Blackhawk USB2.0 to connect the 2407EVM with CCS2.2 for C2000. Can the Blackhawk USB2.0 support the Flashburn for the 2407DSP?
I recently bought a 5509 EVM from Spectrum Digital. However, for some reason I can’t connect to the EVM with the emulator. Could this be a software issue with Code Composer or the emulator?
Is it possible to change the JTAG clock frequency for BHUSB2?
Are there any CORBA ORB's which support the Talon operating system?