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Product Warranty Information

EWA Technologies/Blackhawk is committed to providing the highest quality products. All of our products are warranted and a detailed warranty sheet is included with all products sold in either printed form or in electronic format, such as on CD ROM.

Please refer to this document included with your product for specific warranty information. If you cannot locate the document, you can refer to one of the links below.

XDS100-class JTAG Emulation Hardware

This warranty covers all Blackhawk XDS100 and XDS100v2-class emulator products. This includes, but is not limited to the following part numbers: BH-USB-100, BH-USB-100v2, BH-USB-100v2D, BH-USB-100v2-ARM.

Non-XDS100-class JTAG Emulation Hardware

This warranty covers all Blackhawk XDS510, XDS560 and XDS560v2-class emulator products. This also includes supporting components and specialty hardware, such as isolation adapters, pin converters, gang programmers and high-performance JTAG cable assemblies.

Blackhawk Scribe Hardware

This warranty covers the Blackhawk Scribe product, an I2C Bus Analyzer/Programmer.