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CCS UniFlash v4 Blackhawk Support


UniFlash v4 no longer natively supports Blackhawk debug probes, however, there is a way of adding support. The following page outlines the installation of the Blackhawk Emulation Drivers for use with UniFlash v4. This process was tested and verified with UniFlash v4.2.2.1692 on Windows and Linux.


  1. Download UniFlash v4.2.2 (or later) from the TI Web Site: CCS UniFlash
  2. Once installed, make sure UniFlash is not running.
  3. Download and install the Blackhawk UniFlash v4 Installer: Windows | Linux


    When installing, the installer will require (verify) that you select the proper folder for installation so that it will not corrupt your UnifFlash installation. The expected installation paths are:

    • Linux:  <uniflash_dir>/deskdb/content/TICloudAgent/linux
    • Windows: <uniflash_dir>\deskdb\content\TICloudAgent\win
  4. Start UniFlash.
  5. Go to
      ⚙ Settings  
    (should be located at top right of GUI)
  6. On the Settings page, select
      Re-sync Database  
    (this will take a couple minutes to complete)
  7. Once the re-sync has completed, select
    [Click to Close UniFlash]
    (or just close UniFlash)
  8. Install Device Drivers - Linux Only (Windows will automatically install device drivers).

    If the Blackhawk installer is not run as root for the Linux installer, you will need to install the USB device drivers. To do this, run the following command in a terminal window from the folder: <uniflash_dir>/deskdb/content/TICloudAgent/linux/install_scripts

    sudo ./ --install

  9. Then re-start UniFlash, select a device, and you will see the Blackhawk Debug Probe connections for the device you selected. For example:

Enter Connection Name


Blackhawk USB2000 Controller

Blackhawk USB510L Emulator

Texas Instruments XDS100v2 USB Debug Probe

Texas Instruments XDS110 USB Debug Probe

Texas Instruments XDS2xx USB Debug Probe



  • Requires CCS UniFlash v4.2 or later for the ability to re-sync the database. If you require an earlier version (i.e. v4.0.x or v4.1x) please contact Blackhawk support.