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About Blackhawk

Blackhawk™ is a leader in the design of DSP hardware and software Development tools. In addition to providing advanced JTAG emulators (XDS debug probes), Blackhawk provides a variety of emulation adapters, pin converters, and accessories to help develop and debug Texas Instruments embedded processors via standard JTAG target headers.

Blackhawk XDS560/v2, XDS510, XDS200 and XDS100/v2-class JTAG Emulators for Texas Instruments (TI) DSPs are Advanced, High-speed USB, PCI and LAN based products. Blackhawk Emulators support a wide array of Texas Instruments embedded processors which includes TMS320™ C5000™ Low Power and C6000™ High Performance DSPs, Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™-based MCUs, Delfino™ and Piccolo™ C2000™ 32-bit Real-time MCUs, TMS470 (ARM®), OMAP™ Applications Processors, Sitara ARM Cortex™ A8 and ARM9, and DaVinci™ Video Processor platforms. Blackhawk JTAG emulators are compatible with Code Composer Studio (CCStudio™) IDE software and are available from a worldwide network of industry resellers and distributors.

Blackhawk XDS560/v2-class JTAG emulators support the Corelis Boundary Scan tools. Corelis and Blackhawk are both part of EWA Technologies, Inc. and have integrated the powerful boundary-scan tools from Corelis with the advanced JTAG emulator from Blackhawk. This integration allows customers who are currently using a Blackhawk JTAG Emulator to debug their TI processor boards and extend their test capability by being able to run Corelis JTAG Boundary Scan software tools without the added expense of purchasing another controller. Increase your capabilities for testing and debugging without the added cost of additional dedicated hardware.